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Common dental related questions

How frequently should I visit a dentist? The majority of the population who have average risk for tooth decay, gum disease and mouth cancer should visit a dentist once a year. However, if you have above average risk you may need to visit a dentist more frequently. The following are examples of factors leading to a higher risk category: If you consume sugars frequently, you may develop too...
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Do’s & don’ts after oral surgery

What is Oral Surgery? Oral Surgery is a term used to describe operations performed in your mouth by a dentist or by a specialist dentist called an Oral Surgeon. Very complex mouth head and neck operations are carried out in a hospital by an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Most minor oral surgery procedures take place in the confines of a dental practice, but for some, this may occur in a day ...
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We use them every day to bite, chew and eat. They brighten up our smiles and add definition to our faces. But when it comes to the crunch, how much do we actually know about our teeth? What's what in our mouth Molors - Molar teeth are found in all four quadrants of our mouth. They have a large crown with four or more cusps and a broad chewing surface. They are the largest of the teeth. Molar...
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