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What is Dental Insurance?

Dental Insurance helps to manage the cost of your routine dental bills and gives you great financial cover for dental emergencies and more expensive dental treatment that you may not have planned for. So, you pay a monthly or annual premium and when you visit your dentist you can claim back whatever percentage of the cost for that treatment that is covered on the plan you choose. Our plans are designed to give you 100% cover on preventive dental care, like exams and cleanings to encourage you to visit your dentist regularly as well as giving added cover for more expensive dental treatments like crowns and root canals. (see your plans page for more specific product details)

Do I need to have a dental assessment before I can avail of DeCare Dental insurance?

No, DeCare Dental does not require a dental assessment prior to provision of dental insurance cover.

What is the Policy Maximum?

A Policy maximum is the amount paid during any one insurance period for each insured person subject to the benefit limit identified in your Schedule of Benefits. Maximum benefits may not be carried over to future insurance periods. Where a maximum for crowns, inlays and onlays applies, this is in addition to your annual listed maximum. Where orthodontic cover is provided, this is also in addition to your listed policy maximum.

TeamCare for Symantec – Policy Maximum

 Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Annual maximum for crowns, inlays, onlays & veneers; per member per year €500 €500 €500
Annual maximum for all other services per member per year €1,400 €1,750 €2,000

How do I make a claim?

When you visit your dentist, TeamCare by DeCare plans provide 100% cover for the cost of your exams, x-rays and cleanings and give great financial protection if you have a dental emergency or need more expensive dental treatment. You just pay as normal, then claim back your covered costs as soon as your treatment is complete. If your dentist is also a member of DeCare’s Direct Pay Network, DeCare will pay the dentist directly for the costs covered by your policy. DeCare’s customer service team are based in Claremorris and are always on hand to answer member queries.

What is Direct Pay?

When you visit a dentist on DeCare’s Direct Pay Network, DeCare will pay the dentist directly for the costs covered by your policy. So, you only pay the balance. Visit www.decaredental.ie/members for more details on how to use our direct pay service.

Are there waiting periods?

There are no Waiting periods on any treatment section apart from an 18 month wait period that applies to Orthodontics only (covered for those 8-18).

How soon can I make my first claim?

All of our plans provide immediate cover for preventive and investigative treatment so you can claim for exam visits and cleanings etc. from your policy start date. You should please refer to the individual plan details for full clarification on the level of cover provided for each plan.

If I have a dental emergency while travelling abroad, am I covered?

Yes, emergency treatment is covered on all of our plans for services received from a dentist either within Ireland or outside of Ireland, for the immediate treatment relief of pain caused by a natural tooth being lost, damaged or infected.